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Liberation/Library Links

Evaluation of Web Sites
A ten-step guide based on the principles of Liberation.
Liberation Self-Test
An eight-part quiz on the fundamentals of Liberation.
Library Search Page
Search the web or our own pages and collections from here.
Library Home
The Library homepage.

Google Links

Google UK
Google is currently the premier search engine. By using the UK version you have access to the standard Google search plus the option to limit your results to UK pages.
Google Help
Google's own help pages; of particular note are the Advanced Search notes.
A comprehensive site offering tutorials and tips on Google's many features.
Google Labs
Where Google tests new services and search features.

Other Search Engines

Vivisimo is a metasearcher - it offers an interface to results from a number of different search engines and news sources (which can be specified on the advanced search page. Another popular metasearcher is Dogpile. Visvisimo also uses clustering technology - similar pages are grouped by category. This can help in defining the context of your search.
Amazon's customisable search engine is an extension of Google. It offers several personalised features such as a search history that is available to you on any PC.
Open Directory Project
The ODP is the largest human-edited web directory; it is community-based and does not rely on the automated organisation tools of standard search engines. Searches will return far fewer results, but they may be more relevant. The ODP index is used by the Google Directory service, among others.
A light, clean interface to the Yahoo! search index. AllTheWeb has a 'refine your search' feature that can help establish context.
Teoma attempts to organise its search results according to "Subject-Specific Popularity". This means that a site that is linked to from other same-subject sites will be considered more relevant than a site that is linked to from a large number of irrelevant sources; search results should therefore be more precise.
An interface to the LookSmart search index that offers another variant of clustered / grouped results. LookSmart also powers the Zeal community-based search engine and the FindArticles index of publication articles.
One of the earliest seach engines and very popular in its day, AltaVista has - like many other services - adopted a Google-like interface to its results.

Other Search Tutorials

Finding Information on the Internet
From the University of California at Berkely.
Bare Bones 101
A guide from the University of South Carolina Beaufort Library.
Boolean Searching on the Internet
This guide from the State University of New York covers the theory of Boolean Logic and shows how it applies to web searces.

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