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Intermediate Tutorial: Exercise - Create Your Own Journal Citation

Below you will see a sentence written by a student for their Feline Studies assignment. The student has forgotten to cite the relevant authors.

Although pets can be a source of both infection [b][c] and allergenic reaction [a], [d] believes there are significant psychological benefits to keeping a dog or cat.

You know the information sources are:

[a] Al-Dawood, K. (2000) Epidemiology of bronchial asthma among schoolboys in Al-Khobar City, Saudi Arabia: Cross-sectional study. Croatian medical journal. 41(4), 437-441.
[b] Geffray, L. (1999) Infections associated with pets. La revue de medicine interne. 20(10), 888-901.
[c] Morrison, G. (2001) Zoonotic infections from pets - understanding the risks and treatment. Postgraduate medicine. 110(1), 24.
[d] Sable, P. (1995) Pets, attachment, and well-being across the life-cycle. Social work. 40(3), 334-341.

Please select the correct citation to replace [a] in the sentence above:

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