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Intermediate Tutorial: How to Cite a Journal Article

In the Basic Tutorial we looked at how to cite the author of a book within your text. In the Harvard system, citing a journal author follows exactly the same pattern.

Here's a quick reminder. There are two ways of citing an author:

  1. You can name the author directly and write the date in brackets after the author's name, like this:
    Berg (2003) advises that people who are allergic to household pets should not keep a cat in their home...
  2. Or you can describe the idea in your own words but credit the idea to the author by putting the author's name and the date in brackets, separated by a comma, like this:
    While some commentators suggest keeping a pet can be good for you (Sable, 1995), others believe pet ownership can have detrimental effects on health (Al-Dawood, 2000; Geffray, 1999; Morrison, 2001).


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