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Advanced Tutorial: Referencing a Chapter of a Book

Referencing a chapter of a book

An edited book will often include chapters by a number of different authors. If you wish to refer to ideas from one of these chapters you should cite the chapter's author rather than the book's editor. In your reference list you should give both the chapter details and those of the book in which it was published.

In our example we will cite and reference a chapter written by Williams and McHugh from a book edited by D.R. Lane. Note that the editor's details use the format Initials, Surname and that the book title is in italics but the chapter title is not - you may remember this format from referencing journal articles. The editor and book details follow the chapter title and are prefaced by In:.

Here's how we would refer to the authors in the text:

Williams and McHugh (1989) note that a healthy cat will devote much attention to washing and cleaning himself and his coat should be clean and glossy.

Our reference would include the author, chapter, editor and book like so:

Williams, E. M. and McHugh, D.P. (1989) Basic nursing care: Observation and care of patients. In: D.R. Lane (ed.) Jones's animal nursing. 5th ed. Oxford: Pergamon Press. pp.321-350.


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