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Searchlight Archive | University of Northampton Archive

By Daniel Jones

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Collection Overview

Title: Searchlight ArchiveAdd to your cart.

ID: SCH/01/Res

Primary Creator: Searchlight (1965-)

Other Creators: Gable, Gerry

Extent: 372.0 Boxes

Arrangement: The Archive is arranged mostly into archive boxes, with a small portion being in packing boxes and file boxes. All material on catalogue is held together and spans 4 rows of rolling shelves in the University of Northampton Archive room and are divided into several series and sub-series based on topic. Further holdings are held in the Archive Storage Room and this material can be checked upon request and subject to staff availability.

Date Acquired: 20/08/2012. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: Extremism, Far Right

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish;Castilian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Searchlight Archives represents part of the organisational archives of Searchlight. This includes back editions of various magazines and journals of the anti-fascist, anti-racist or left wing perspective, as well as various part or full run collections of far right, racist or otherwise right-wing publications. The collection also includes the archives of various Searchlight investigations and letters between Searchlight and its domestic and overseas partners, as well as various papers gathered from within far right groups.

PLEASE NOTE: The Searchlight Archive is a 'live' archive, and is currently undergoing regular additions. It is also in the process of initial cataloging and rationalisation so small changes may occur and in this process small errors may be present. It is our desire to give researchers access to this material as soon as possible, and so we hope you will understand any small problems that occur in the interest of providing as wide and as early an access as we can to material. We also have a number of boxes not yet on the catalogue and will do our best to make these available to researchers and use them to answer queries. Some of these boxes do exist as non-catalogued Box Lists, and can be obtained on request from the archivist.

ACCESS NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of the archive, access is controlled. To request access to the archive, please complete the Searchlight Archive access request form

Once you have signed it please return the form by e-mail

or by post to: Phil Oakman, University of Northampton Archivist, Holdenby H12,  Boughton Green Road, Northampton, NN2 7AL.

Should you have any problems or queries relating to the archive, please do contact the University Archivist

Subject/Index Terms

Far Right

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Northampton Archive

Accruals: Additional parts of the first accession were entered into the archive on 09/01/13 (bringing the total up to 233 boxes) and a second addition was made on 28/03/13 (bringing the total up to 258 boxes). Another addition was made on 26/06/13 consisting of approximately 150 archive boxes and a number of packing boxes, some of which were unpacked into archive boxes. Further additions were made in the summer of 2014, with more packing boxes including the Searchlight Photo Collection. The last major anticipated accrual occured on 27/05/15 with material brought up from Southampton Archive.

Access Restrictions:

Due to the nature of the research archive, users wishing to access the Searchlight Archive must complete an access request form and submit it to Phil Oakman, the University Archivist, seven days in advance of their visit.

The form, along with details of the process and appeals procedures, is available from the archive website.

In all other aspects the Searchlight Collection is governed by the University of Northampton Archive access rules and users must also be registered with the University Archive or do so on their first visit.

Use Restrictions:

Normal copyright restrictions apply

The University of Northampton takes copyright seriously and only makes content available in its Archive Catalogue in accordance with current UK legislation.

All reasonable effort is made by The University of Northampton to obtain copyright holders’ consent before publishing the images represented in our Archive Catalogue. We would like to ask that any copyright owners who are not properly identified in our Archive Collections please contact us so that we may make the necessary corrections or removals.

Acquisition Source: Long Term Loan from Gerry Gable on behalf of Searchlight.

Acquisition Method: Gerry Gable is the long term editor of Searchlight, having been involved in the establishment of the Searchlight organisation. Gerry has been involved in Searchlight sinces its inception, and has long run its research operations. He is the owner of the company Searchlight Magazines Ltd.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Book Collection],
[Series 2: Searchlight Administration],
[Series 3: Searchlight Investigations],
[Series 4: Anti-Fascist and Anti-Racist Material],
[Series 5: Far Left and Left Organisations],
[Series 6: Anti-Communist Organisations],
[Series 7: Antisemitism],
[Series 8: Skinheads],
[Series 9: American Right Wing and Extremist],
[Series 10: SE Asian and Australasian],
[Series 11: European Right],
[Series 12: International Far Right],
[Series 13: British Far Right],
[Series 14: Middle East],
[Series 15: Moderate Press],
[Series 16: Searchlight Magazines],
[Series 17: Conservative Right],
[Series 18: Anarchists],
[Series 19: Odinist Groups],

Series 3: Searchlight InvestigationsAdd to your cart.
Boxes containing stand alone segments of Searchlight investigations into various subjects. Rather than being broad spectrum passive intelligence, these boxes contain active work done by the group in unearthing specific events or personages.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI
Sub-Series 1: War CrimesAdd to your cart.
Boxes containing information on Nazi War Criminals living freely in the United Kingdom.
Access Restricted: Entire sub-series sealed. Further details available upon request
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01
Box 1: War Crimes Box 1Add to your cart.
Box containing information from a Searchlight investigation into war criminals living freely in Britain.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/001
Box 2: War Crimes Box 2Add to your cart.
Box containing information from a Searchlight investigation into war criminals living freely in Britain.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/002
Box 3: Latvian War CrimesAdd to your cart.
Box containing primarily documentation relating to Paul Reinhards and accusations that he, as Director of Labour in occupied Latvia, was culpable as a war criminal. Contains various documents, some with translations, from the Soviet archives as wella s press clippings and copies of books and magazines relating to this investigation. Also contains pictures from a trip made by Gerry Gable to Russia on behalf of Thames Television and Searchlight to get information on this case. The box contains an orange folder with papers relating to court cases fought by three men accused of war crimes, suing in the first instance Thames Television and in the second Searchlight Publisher and its printers.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/003
Box 4: War Crimes Box 3Add to your cart.
Box containing primarily faxes from the US Office of Special Investigations with their press releases that were sent to Gerry Gable in his role as editor of Searchlight. Box also contains a collection fo Searchlight Magazines that covered war criminal stories, and some press clippings relating to accusations that Avto Pardjanadze was a member of the SS Einsatzgruppen D and living in South Wales (seemingly from 1999).
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/004
Box 5: War Crimes Box 4Add to your cart.
Box containing material relating to war crimes, including a fax from the Office of Special Investigations in the US with a handwritten addition for Gerry Gable, Searchlight Editor. Box also includes a folder of evidence on Anton Gecas, a Lithuanian member of the Order Police during the second world war, a box of material from Gerry Gable's visit to Moscow to gather information on war criminals, the bound copy of Kurt Waldheim's Hidden Past: Interim Report to the President of the World Jewish Congress and a House of Commons envelope. The House of Commons envelope contains a copy of Chapter 13 of the War Crimes Bill, reports from the All Party War Crimes Group and from the War Crimes Inquiry set up by the then Home Secretary Hurd, copies of Hansard for the debate days on the War Crimes Bill and a copy of Searchlight.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/005
Box 6: War Crimes Box 5Add to your cart.
Box containing assorted material relating to the War Crimes Campaign, the passage of the War Crimes Act and other related events. Box contains press releases from various sources (including Glyn Ford MEP, the Union of Jewish Students, the All Party War Crimes Group), circulars from the campaign on War Crimes for activities such as lobbying your MP, assorted press clippings, correspondence from the House of Commons and also some material relating to research proposals based off the war crimes campaign. There is also other material.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/006
Box 7: War Crimes Box 6Add to your cart.
Box containing folders with information on accusations of war crimes against Dr Vladislow Dering, Wilhelm Mohnke, Rene Bosquet, Paul Touvien and Klaus Barbie. Also contains two general clippings and one fax of a press release from the Office of Special Investigations on co-operation with Austria resuming.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/007
Box 8: War Crimes Box 7Add to your cart.

Box containing a letter from canada relating to the Descenes Commission, various materials from the DDR (including a piece from Panorama-DDR on allegations of the US backing terrorism in South America), informational and promotional material from the All Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group, an exhibit from the court case of three Latvian men suing Thames Television, material from Eastern European war crimes trials and a copy of a motion laid down in the House of Commons in relation to the David Irving trial.

There is also material from the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, press releases from Torch about the war crimes campaign, letters concerning Searchlight subscriptions, photocopies of Searchlight stories, a copy of National Socialism Now by William Joyce (a cheap home made copy).

There are also several folders. One orange folder contains several chapters of a book on parliamentary history, a manilla folder contains information on the newsletter Economic Democracy, two more manilla folders contain press clippings and a final pink folder contains material on Union Movement members.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/008
Box 9: War Crimes Box 8Add to your cart.

Box containing a mix of material predominantly related to the war crimes investigations. Includes an orange folder marked Media Relations that contains typed press releases and some correspondence with the press, a burgundy hard folder containing anti-War crimes Campaign material from Mythbusters as well as press clippings and copies of evidence relating to the Latvian SS cases, material from the All Party Group on War Crimes including a guest list for 'Time For Justice' event at the Royal Westminster Hotel on October 23rd 1989, another orange folder containing various clippings and investigation documents including a selection of papers from Reg Freeson MP relating to Josef Mengele and several issues of Searchlight covering the investigations.

Box also contains a manilla folder labelled 'ROBERTS, Lucy' that covers events related to Latin America and NALGO.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/009
Box 10: War Crimes Box 9Add to your cart.

Box containing several folders of material relating to the investigation into Lithuanian and Latvian war criminals in the United Kingdom. Folders contain evidence of the crimes of the alleged war criminals, briefings and material from the American Department of Justice's Office of Special Investigations, correspondence with the War Crimes Inquiry set up by Douglas Hurd MP, correspondence with the All Party War Crimes Group, press clippings and issues of Searchlight.

Box also contains a small portrait photo folder containing photos of a man and a letter from his wife explaining she suspects him of being a war criminal and asking Searchlight to investigate.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/010
Box 11: War Crimes Box 10Add to your cart.
Box contains various material related to the war crimes campaign. This includes photos of Nazi atrocities within Minsk, including the hanging of accused partisans and the destruction of cemetaries, as well as photos of Auschwtiz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. There is a copy of the Report on the Entry of nazi War Criminals and Collaborators into the UK, 1945-1950, put together by the All-Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group and written by Prof. David Ceserani. Several folders are included, one marked War Criminals - Cuts Unsorted containing press clippings, another marked Otto Ernst Remer and War Crimes Campaigns/Features/Reports, a pink folder marked W. C. Cuttings General File that contains various photocopies of documents relating to the campaign and a final folder marked Hess and containing clippings and documents relating to the former deputy leader of Nazi Germany.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/011
Box 12: War Crimes Box 11Add to your cart.

Box containing folders of material on the war crimes campaign. Includes an orange folder of cuttings labelled Cavendish, as well as an orange folder labelled War Crimes Last Quarter 87 which contains clippings from newspapers as well as corrospondence with groups including MPs, press agencies, student unions and synagogues over the campaign (and a rejection of involvement from the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain).

There is also a folder marked J H Material that contains an assorted collection of material relating to the Second World War and continuing neo-nazi and far right activity into the 50s, 60s and 70s. Also included in this folder is correspondence from academics and other researchers. Loose in the box is some testimony relating to US airmen and also a copy of Nazi War Criminals in the United Kingdom: The Law - a House of Commons publication from the War Grimes Group.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/012
Box 13: War Crimes Box 12Add to your cart.
Box with various folders and envelopes of material relating to the war crimes campaign of the late 1980s. One envelope contains material relating to the Polish embassy in Paris, another on the legal troubles of Searchlight in 1987 and 1988, a folder covering the Dering case (an accused war criminal who worked for the British after the war), several copies of Questions of Justice (a publication of the All Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group), an orange folder labelled WWII with photos of fascist/nazi leaders as well as atrocities and a manilla folder labelled War Crimes Campaign which includes correspondence and clippings relating to the UJS/Searchlight campaign. The manilla folder also contains a handwritten draft of a report by the All-party Parliamentary Group on War Crimes by Phillip Rubenstein.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/013
Box 14: War Crimes Box 13Add to your cart.
Box containing several folders and loose leaf material detailing individuals accused of war crimes during the Second World War. Folders include a blue folder labelled as Dutch Uncle (Mine) which contains information on Pieter Hareema, a green folder labelled Gecas that contains a deposition given by Antanas Gecas (a Lithuanian accused of war crimes), a manilla folder from Philip Rubenstein of the All-Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group containing information about Mohnke and finally a blue folder full of press clippings and press releases that relate to various topics including Waldheim. There is also an empty manilla folder.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/014
Box 15: War Crimes Box 14Add to your cart.

Box containing folders and loose leaf information that covers the Holocaust and war crimes more generally. The loose leaf material ncludes maps of Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau that show sites of killings, a list of 243 gypsy victims at Auschwitz-Birkenau, a press release covering the stripping of US citizenship from an SS camp guard (Wasyl Krysa), a photo of Josef Mengele supposedly going to Miami, two documents in Swedish

The folders include a green folder labelled Wisenthal Centre USA which contains publications from the Simon Wisenthal Centre, an orange folder containing correspondence and briefing notes related to the war crimes campaign (including letters of support or refusing outright support from external groups), an envelope labelled Windsors Nazi Connections that has photocopies of original letters and translations from the German (these are two way correspondences between various British members of high society and Heinrich Himmler), a pink folder of assorted cuttings, a manilla folder titled Crusade Publication which contains additional assorted cuttings and a transit envelope containing information relating to Major-General J. F. C. Fuller.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/015
Box 16: War Crimes Box 15Add to your cart.

Box containing assorted loose-leaf and bound material relating to war crimes and the Second World War more generally, and t the War crimes Campaign of the late 1980s more specifically. The box also contains several folders on these topics. Included in the loose-leaf and bound material is an issue of the German army propaganda magazine 'Signal' in French from 1943, translations of Pravda articles, individual pages from the Australia/Israel Review, extracts from Hansard, newsletters from the All-Party Parliamentary  War Crimes Group, legal letters relating to the case brought by three Latvians against their naming as War Criminals by Searchlight, clipping readied for publication, a newsletter of the Swedish Democrats, issues of Searchlight, motions put before Trades Councils, sevearl copies of Questions Of Justice (published by the All-Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group) and a dossier on Kurt Waldheim prepared by the All-Party Parliamentary War Crimes Group.

Folders include a blue folder titled Democratic German Report containing journals from the GDR in English, an orange folder containing a single sheet of lined paper with writing in red pen updating on the status of War Crimes investigations, an orange folder titled Nazi Pre-War Spies containing a photo and a program for an Anglo-German Fellowship event, a yellow folder containing various clippings and photocopies of neo-Nazi and Nazi activity and possible links to War Crimes, an orange folder titled Nazi Spies USA-UK containing FBI files on individuals spying for Nazi Germany and a manilla folder titled Right Wing Mags For Film containing photocopies and part-translations of holocaust denial literature.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/01/016
Sub-Series 2: Pre-Magazine Investigations, 1964-1975Add to your cart.
Sub series containing Searchlight Investigations from the period after its formation but before its publication of a monthly periodical.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/02
Box 1: Pre-Magazine Cuttings and Bombing, 1964-1975Add to your cart.

Box containing a folder of press clippings from the 1960s used as material for the early pamphlets and as information sources for Searchlight research. The box also contains several other clippings and photos.

There is also correspondence and information relating to various fascist and Nazi organisations and a bomb plot in Peckham, as well as other threats to London and Searchlight's information gathering in relation to them.

Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/02/001
Sub-Series 3: David IrvingAdd to your cart.
Boxes containing material related to investigations into holocaust denier David Irving, dating from both before his public exposure in the Lipstadt trial and since.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/03
Box 1: David Irving Box 1Add to your cart.
Box containing primarily loose leaf material relating to David Irving. This includes a large number of newspaper clippings, primarily from 1992-1994, covering Irving's various problems in Australia, Norway, the UK and other countries. There are also papers relating to a 1992 Canadian Department of Justice investigation into David Irving which Searchlight aided, various briefings on David Irving and his activities prepared by Searchlight, letters from Searchlight and from lawyers regarding possible defamation and press releasesissued by agencies and groups, such as by the Australian immigration minister on the banning of Irving from their country in 1992. The box does contain other material going throughout the 1990s.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/03/001
Box 2: David Irving Box 2Add to your cart.
Box containing various material, primarily loose leaf, from Searchlight's focused investigation into David Irving. Box contains a folder of photographs and assorted related material on David Irving from the 1970s through to the late 80s, a large assorted collection of press clippings and photocopies from the same 1970s to 1980s period, an envelope of Irving press cuttings from 1986-1995, an envelope of Action Reports c. 1998 and finally a large amount of material from David Irving's website (including additional Action Reports).
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/03/002
Box 3: David Irving Box 3Add to your cart.
Box containing primarily loose leaf material relating to David Irving and Searchlight's investigation of his activities. Box contains one issue of Focus on History No. 1 (with Leuchter Report and a foreword by David Irving), a manilla folder with material from Irving's website from 2003, a photo of tickets to a revisionist seminar, a large number of David Irving's Action Reports and material from the Institute for Historical Review from the late 90s (especially 1998), an invitation to a Focal Point Publishing/David Irving Fighting Fund drinks dinner in London and several other print outs and press clippings related to David Irving.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/03/003
Box 4: David Irving WebsiteAdd to your cart.
Box containing mateiral primarily printed from David Irving's website, with the exception of a single clipping from 1992 of Irving's response to the discovery of Eichmann documents. The material is printed from the end of the 1990s to the first couple of years of the 2000s and covers various parts of the webiste including the Action Reports, articles and guestbooks.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/03/004
Sub-Series 4: Defense Group InvestigationsAdd to your cart.
Boxes relating to the intelligence work of the defense groups that emerged from the Jewish community in the post-war environment.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/04
Box 1: JACOBAdd to your cart.
Box of material relating primarily to JACOB, a Jewish aid group active in the 1960s. Includes minutes of some AGMs and some limited correspondence, as well as press clippings. Box also contains material from a 1984 campaign around Holocaust education, which includes distressing imagery.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/04/001
Sub-Series 5: Photo MaterialAdd to your cart.
Boxes which contain photographic material collected by Searchlight in the course of their investigations into the extreme right.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/05
Box 1: Photographs Box 1: Mike CohenAdd to your cart.
Box containing an assortment of photographs from various events, including protests around 'Satpal', events held by Searchlight, protests against David Irving, protests against deportations. disability protests, marches with the Union of Jewish Students and various others. Some photos are labelled others are not. Box indicates that some were taken for Searchlight by long term photo journalist for the magazine, Mike Cohen.
Unique Identifier: SCH/01/Res/SLI/05/001

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